The cure for type II diabetes

On the off chance that you are as of now on insulin, completely don’t quit taking insulin, and don’t quit measuring your glucose levels, without your specialist’s consent.

The Root Causes of Type II Diabetes

Shockingly, medicinal analysts, for example, from Medical News Today, consider Type 2 diabetes to be a safe issue whereby the insusceptible framework assaults the body’s own particular cells.

Sort 2 diabetes is being re-imagined as an immune system sickness as opposed to only a metabolic issue, said a creator of another review distributed in Nature Medicine this week, the discoveries of which may prompt to new diabetes medications that objective the insusceptible framework as opposed to attempting to control glucose.

The analysts trust that insulin resistance, the sign of sort 2 diabetes (not at all like sort 1 diabetes where it is the insulin-delivering cells that are wrecked), is the consequence of B cells and other safe cells assaulting the body’s own particular tissues.

This revelation is just the same old thing new to some regular solution analysts. Medications that do the things important to assemble the resistant framework have been curing sort 2 diabetes for a considerable length of time.

Some of these medications are “electromedicine” medicines which utilize delicate electrical waves to do the things important to revamp the invulnerable framework.

However, these tender electrical waves don’t straightforwardly manufacture the resistant framework, rather they expel the “underlying driver” of why the invulnerable framework is useless in any case.

Think about the school spook. Rather than repairing the understudies he beats each week, the school may very well kick the domineering jerk out of school. By doing this the school is not managing the “manifestations” of the domineering jerk (i.e. the harmed understudies) they are managing the “main driver” of the wounds (i.e. the domineering jerk).

So what is the “underlying driver” of why the safe framework is feeble? To comprehend the “underlying driver” of why the insusceptible framework is frail, shockingly we have to take a gander at the organs, for example, the liver and pancreas.

At the point when there are microorganisms as well as parasites in these organs, the microorganisms and parasites catch glucose and other nourishment the organs require. In addition, the organisms discharge exceedingly acidic and absolutely useless mycotoxins.

With a littler sustenance supply and a huge convergence of useless and acidic mycotoxins, the organs get to be distinctly frail. At the point when the organs get to be distinctly powerless the insusceptible framework additionally gets to be distinctly feeble. Furthermore, that is the missing connection to why the safe framework is feeble. It is microorganisms and parasites in the organs which are beginning the chain response of occasions that cause sort 2 diabetes. The resistant framework might assault its own cells in light of the fact that the invulnerable framework has been debilitated by microorganisms and parasites in the organs or the harm might be finished by microorganisms and parasites assaulting the organs straightforwardly.

While this may astound many individuals, the answer for curing sort 2 diabetes lies with slaughtering the microorganisms and parasites inside the organs since it is powerless organs (debilitated by the organisms and parasites) that are bringing about the invulnerable framework to be frail or are assaulting the organs specifically.

A portion of the microorganisms that can bring about sort 2 diabetes include: cytomegalovirus (which is in the herpes family [Herpesviridae or herpesvirus], and can be identified with chickenpox, irresistible mononucleosis, and so forth.), hepatitis c infection, enterovirus, Ljungan infection and others.

What’s more, Dr. Hulda Clark expressed: “Wood liquor welcomes pancreatic flukes to utilize the pancreas as an optional host. This prompts to pancreatic brokenness which we call diabetes.

So we see that the organisms or potentially parasites, for example, pancreatic flukes, can debilitate the safe framework or can bring about the pancreas to brokenness specifically.

In any case, the issue is microorganisms and parasites in the organs which are debilitating the insusceptible framework or straightforwardly harming the organs.

The Treatment For Type 2 Diabetes

The treatment incorporates recognizing the particular microorganisms/parasites in the organs that are doing the harm, then utilizing a two-stage procedure to manage diabetes.

The organisms/parasites are distinguished by a conference, biofeedback investigation with a qualified mentor. By doing a custom meeting with a qualified mentor they might have the capacity to recognize what is likely going ahead in the organs.

The two-stage treatment is as per the following:

Initially, utilize an extraordinary dietary convention to execute the microorganisms and parasites (e.g. pancreatic flukes) recognized by the conference,

Second, utilize electromedicine to devitalize microorganisms and re-stimulate the cells in the organs which were debilitated by the microorganisms/parasites.

This two-stage prepare first disposes of the “main driver” of diabetes and after that re-stimulates the debilitated cells so the invulnerable framework will again turn out to be completely practical.

The prescribed convention for sort 2 diabetes, which was outlined particularly to fulfill these two undertakings (and a few different infections are additionally brought on by microorganisms in the organs) is known as the High RF Frequency Protocol.

The High RF Frequency Protocol suggests a honing meeting, including biofeedback examination to help distinguish precisely why the individual has sort 2 diabetes. From this conference, a dietary convention is intended to help with executing the particular microorganisms/parasites in the particular organs.

The electromedicine gadget is utilized to stimulate the frail cells, devitalize the undesirable microorganisms, pump the lymphatic framework, murder organisms in the circulatory system, and so forth.

The minimum costly gadget is known as the “research show” high RF recurrence generator with a direct enhancer and it costs under $2,500. The more costly, and significantly more capable gadget, is known as the high RF recurrence generator with plasma enhancer and it costs about $4,700 with the recieving wire. The more propelled cases may require the all the more intense plasma intensifier with a recieving wire.

Include A Nutritional Approach

There is most likely it is basic to slaughter the microorganisms and parasites in the organs to get the resistant framework working. Be that as it may, the convention of Dr. Cousens can be consolidated with the approach of murdering the microorganisms and parasites in the organs.

See this site for more data:

Diabetes Living Foods

Two methodologies, which are synergistic, are superior to one.

Extremely Helpful Supplements

Notwithstanding the real treatment for diabetes, I would add a few supplements to help get the resistant framework “recovered.”

1) First, since diabetes is an invulnerable framework issue, it is basic to have a safe building supplement that specifically bolsters the safe framework. On this site, Transfer Point Glucan is the prescribed insusceptible manufacturer. It is a beta glucan item that has been ended up being the best resistant developer.

See this article (this site likewise offers Beta Glucan by Transfer Point):

Exchange Point Website (and Vendor)

2) One prescribed supplement to help the safe framework is vitamin B12. Two wellsprings of B12 will be given, one a solitary cell plant, called chlorella, and the other a B12 supplement:

Chlorella Factor

Supported merchant of B12 supplement

3) Two cases of coral calcium (amid the treatment). This ought to be 100% coral calcium (I incline toward the Barefoot item), not a blend of coral calcium and different types of calcium.

Suggested Coral Calcium

4) at least 10,000 I.U. of Vitamin D day by day. This is required all together for your body to retain the coral calcium.

5) Vitamin C. Take no less than 3 grams a day, yet following a little while bit by bit move it up to 6 grams a day. Vitamin C ought to be taken as mineral ascorbates, for example, sodium ascorbate, calcium ascorbate, magnesium ascorbate, and so forth or as Liposomal Vitamin C. Here is a profoundly suggested merchant:

Supported Vitamin C Product

6) Cinnamon – no less than 1/2 teaspoon a day, which is basic to “diminish” the cell layers. Cinnamon mirrors insulin, in this way it might bring down your requirement for insulin instantly.

7) A top quality fluid ionic vanadium item, which will likewise help the cell films. It likewise emulates insulin and will diminish your requirement for insulin.

8) A top quality fluid ionic chromium supplement to help the pancreas have the supplements it needs to make insulin.


The majority of the things, aside from the Vitamin B12, vitamin C and chromium, are added to help your cell films.

Accommodating Recipes

A book called: Reverse Diabetes Now has formulas with soluble nourishments, clarifies why it is imperative to keep away from acidic sustenances and other accommodating issues.

Anticipating Diabetes

Dr. Richard A. Anderson, at the Human Nutrition Research Center (USDA), found that individuals who eat crusty fruit-filled treat have a fundamentally bring down likelihood of getting Type II diabetes. Upon further examination, he disengaged cinnamon as the substance in the crusty fruit-filled treats that was counteracting diabetes. Inside cinnamon, the key substance is a water dissolvable polyphenol sort A polymer as the successful fixing. Here is a connection to the article:

Prepare to be blown away. Cinnamon is very hostile to microbial so it might likewise slaughter a portion of the microorganisms/parasites in the organs. Truth be told, nectar and cinnamon are utilized as a malignancy treatment which murders microorganisms inside the tumor cells.

Sites That Claims To Cure Type 2 Diabetes

Dr. Kenneth Pullman, MD cases to have the capacity to cure Type 2 diabetes. You need to pay for the data, however I would view it as valid.

Regardless, on the off chance that you visit his site and attempt his cure, please send me an email and let me know what it was and regardless of whether it worked for you.

I will aggregate the outcomes and pass them on in an absolutely private manner without giving endlessly exclusive data.


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